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Our History

BookSite began in 1994 as the dotcom version of Rutherford's Book Shoppe in Delaware, Ohio. Among a long list
of firsts, we were the first online bookstore based exclusively on the web, the first bookstore to advertise on Yahoo
(1995), the first to develop a "shared platform" approach (ASP) geared toward independent booksellers (1996),
the first to offer a full suite of "Click & Mortar" applications for booksellers (1997), and the first to add a full suite
of widgets for open source and social networking applications (2008).

As a pioneer, we were able to attract a strong and loyal base of book industry leaders and innovators. Much of
what has evolved since is a result of the collaboration between BookSite and those booksellers.

BookSite has focused on creating a service that can be extensively customized yet is still easy to maintain, one
that is both customer and staff friendly. Our long standing goal of providing the highest quality service in the
industry has also allowed us to become the most affordable service provider due to the efficiencies that
accompany quality designs.

In 2008 Judy Gaylord Smith joined BookSite in the position of General Manager. Independent bookselling is
in her blood. Her father, George Gaylord, started his first Little Professor store in 1970 and with the help of
his family, grew that business to over 10 locations throughout Ohio. We believe Judy's wealth of
knowledge about the independent book industry will help us stay in touch with our Members.

The BookSite Vision

We believe the Internet is most valuable when used as a tool to enhance existing businesses. Integrated into
current operations, the Internet can add new capabilities, support others, and even replace a few. We see the
Internet as the glue that bonds a business to its suppliers and customers. Using Internet based applications,
businesses can interact with customers like never before, offering them greater selection, better services, and
realizing otherwise impossible economies of scale.