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Kids' Booklist :) - TCPL Staff Suggestions

Catch the Reading Bug

Summer Reading Featuring Creepy Crawlers


By Cannon, Janell
2005-05 - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)
0152050612 Check Our Catalog

This Children's Book-of-the-Month Club Main Selection--now in paperback--tells the story of a lonely cockroach who has a creative idea that saves the day for the leafcutter ants when their fierce forest enemies attack them. Full color. …More

The Grouchy Ladybug

The Grouchy Ladybug
By Carle, Eric
2001-01 - Turtleback Books: A Division of Sanval
0808579061 Check Our Catalog

"The Grouchy Ladybug" is bigger and brighter, as irascible but irresistible as ever and will surely delight new generations of readers, as well as her devoted fans of all ages. To celebrates the Ladybug's 20th birthday, this new, larger format edition of the Carle favorite makes use of the latest reproduction technology. Full color. …More

Big Bug Surprise

Big Bug Surprise
By Gran, Julia
Illustrator Gran, Julia
2007-01 - Scholastic Press
0439676096 Check Our Catalog

BookPage Notable Title
Prunella loves bugs. She's always eager to share her bug knowledge, even if others don't always want to listen. So she's aflutter to shine the spotlight on one of her favorite bugs at show-and-tell. On the big day, though, Prunella's plan is squashed when a swarm of bees invades her classroom! Luckily, Prunella has an idea. And like a true queen, she leads the bees safely to a new hive. Her teacher is impressed! Her classmates cheer! But what does Prunella do? She shares more bug facts, of course, and her audience couldn't beeeee more delighted.

Bug Off!

Bug Off!
By Hepworth, Cathi
Illustrator Hepworth, Cathi
Author Hepworth, Catherine
1998-05 - Putnam Publishing Group
0399226400 Check Our Catalog

Buggy wordplay fun abounds in this ingenious sequel to "ANTics". Dozens of offbeat illustrations, zany visual illustrations and great new words to learn highlight this delightful book. …More

Creepy Crawly Calypso

Creepy Crawly Calypso
By Langham, Tony
Illustrator Harter, Debbie
2006-04 - Barefoot Books
1902283465 Check Our Catalog

Jump and jive with this jolly band of bugs to the creepy crawly calypso beat! From spiders to fireflies, butterflies to centipedes, Debbie Harter's humorous illustrations perfectly match the Caribbean spirit of this jaunty rhyming text that introduces children to cardinal and ordinal numbers ? and takes them straight into the marvelous world of bugs! …More

Doorknob the Rabbit and the Carnival of Bugs

Doorknob the Rabbit and the Carnival of Bugs
By Serwacki, Kevin
Author Serwacki
Illustrator Serwacki
2005-05 - Tricycle Press
1582461430 Check Our Catalog

Doorknob the Rabbit does not like bugs. But when thousands arrive on his doorstep one night, Doorknob does his best to be a gracious host. Then things get out of hand. Young readers play a crucial role in the resolution of this story. Full color. …More

I'm a Pill Bug

I'm a Pill Bug
By Tokuda, Yukihisa
Illustrator Takahasi, Kiuoshi
2006-03 - Kane/Miller Book Publishers
1929132956 Check Our Catalog

Readers follow a "scavenger of nature" and discover just what makes little pill bugs so fascinating. This book shows how these bugs spend their days, what they eat, and how they protect themselves. Full color. …More

I Like Bugs

I Like Bugs
By Brown, Margaret Wise
Author Wise Brown, Margaret
Illustrator Karas, G. Brian
1999-06 - Random House Books for Young Readers
0307461076 Check Our Catalog

A group of pigs enjoy their picnic until they spot a wolf nearby. …More

Ugh! a Bug!

Ugh! a Bug!
By Crowley, Ned
2005-09 - Millbrook Press
0761334505 Check Our Catalog


Busy Bugs: A Book about Patterns

Busy Bugs: A Book about Patterns
By Harvey, Jayne
Illustrator Adnet, Bernard
2003-07 - Grosset & Dunlap
0448431599 Check Our Catalog

The silly bugs are having a party. The ants spend many busy hours making patterns with the flowers. The simple rhyming text and the quirky and cute bug characters make learning about patterns easy and fun. Full color. …More

Captain Sunny Patch

Captain Sunny Patch
By Kirk, David
2006-07 - Grosset & Dunlap
044844366X Check Our Catalog



By McKissack, Patricia C.
Author McKissack, Pat
Illustrator Cressy, Mike
2000-03 - Children's Press(CT)
0516216589 Check Our Catalog

Simple text and illustrations of a variety of insects introduce the numbers one through five. …More

The End of the Beginning: Being the Adventures of a Small Snail (and an Even Smaller Ant)

The End of the Beginning: Being the Adventures of a Small Snail (and an Even Smaller Ant)
By Avi
Illustrator Tusa, Tricia
2004-10 - Harcourt Children's Books
0152049681 Check Our Catalog

Maine Student Book Award Winner - 2005-2006 School Year
In the tradition of "The Little Prince" and "Alice in Wonderland," this completely original story--a modern fable for today--from the Newbery Medalist brims with wit, wisdom, and profound insights about the meaning of things great and small. Illustrations.

Harry the Poisonous Centipede's Big Adventure: Another Story to Make You Squirm

Harry the Poisonous Centipede's Big Adventure: Another Story to Make You Squirm
By Banks, Lynne Reid
Illustrator Ross, Tony
2002-10 - HarperCollins
0064409252 Check Our Catalog

Banks's second book about her centi-hero weaves real facts about centipedes, scorpions, dung beetles, tarantulas, and other exotic creatures into the fabric of a fast-paced adventure that hums with humor. …More

The Bundle at Blackthorpe Heath

The Bundle at Blackthorpe Heath
By Copeland, Mark
2006-06 - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)
0618563024 Check Our Catalog

For his birthday, Art receives a brass spyglass from his grandfather, a respected insect circus ringmaster. No sooner than his grandfather tells him to use the spyglass for only good (no spying!), Art accidentally sees something he shouldn't. Illustrations. …More

Maybelle in the Soup

Maybelle in the Soup
By Speck, Katie
Illustrator Ratz de Tagyos, Paul
2007-09 - Henry Holt & Company
0805080929 Check Our Catalog

Maybelle is a lovely, plump cockroach. She lives in her own cozy little home under the refrigerator of Mr. and Mrs. Peabody. Maybelle knows it's best to stay hidden away, but she simply adores food. Just once she would love to taste something yummy before it hits the floor!
When the Peabodys invite a Very Important Guest for dinner, Maybelle can't resist. She takes a teeny taste--and splashes into the biggest adventure of her life!

Don't Bug Me!

Don't Bug Me!
By Zollman, Pam
2001-04 - Holiday House
0823415848 Check Our Catalog

When Megan must collect twenty-five insects for a school project, her little brother's interference and a classmate's teasing make the task difficult, and reveal that she does not know either of them as well as she thought. …More

Insectigations: 40 Hands-On Activities to Explore the Insect World

Insectigations: 40 Hands-On Activities to Explore the Insect World
By Blobaum, Cindy
2005-07 - Chicago Review Press
1556525680 Check Our Catalog

These experiments, art projects, and games will bring out the entomologist in every kid. Activities include collecting and sketching insects, making a terrarium for observation, raising mealworms, and more. A unique insect board game helps kids learn fascinating bug facts while they play. …More

On One Flower: Butterflies, Ticks and a Few More Icks

On One Flower: Butterflies, Ticks and a Few More Icks
By Fredericks, Anthony D.
Illustrator DiRubbio, Jennifer
2006-09 - Dawn Publications (CA)
1584690879 Check Our Catalog

A goldenrod flower is a "minibeast park; " have you noticed? Take a closer look . . . a butterfly sipping nectar . . . a ladybug snacking on aphids - oh ladybug, look out for the ambushbug! This fifth book in Dr. Fredericks' series on animal communities will again send kids outdoors to explore. …More

1001 Bugs to Spot

1001 Bugs to Spot
By Helbrough, Emma
Illustrator Gower, Teri
2005-01 - Usborne Books
0794510000 Check Our Catalog


Don't Squash That Bug!: The Curious Kid's Guide to Insects

Don't Squash That Bug!: The Curious Kid's Guide to Insects
By Rompella, Natalie
2007-04 - Lobster Press
189707350X Check Our Catalog

Bold, bright, and packed with colorful photos, sidebars, a glossary, and tips for where to find bugs, this is a must-have for backyard explorers. Once kids discover how amazing insects can be, they'll go from squashing bugs to studying them up close. Full color. …More

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