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Drive more customers to your store with integrated marketing tools from BookSite.

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The BookSite Storefront is an accumulation of edit links to all of the e-commerce pages that are viewed by your customers. BookSite offers a total of 4 general purpose pages. The Main Page is the index page (home page) tied
to the BookSite URL. A static version of this page is maintained, so customers can find your store when searching
Yahoo and Google. There are 3 other pages that can be used to your discretion. Some examples may be; Local
Interest, About Us, Gift Certificates, or services your store offers.

You will also use the Storefront Module to set up your custom messages for shipping, in-store pickup, search
pages, confirming e-mails and your newsletter sign-up page.

What drives all of these applications is the BookSite Tool Kit. Our mission has been to make the Tool Kit as user
friendly and training free as possible. We are continually improving the tool kit to make it easy on staff when
updating or creating new pages for the website.